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Burlesque lesson in a Cabaret Theatre in Rome

How many times have you said to yourself “How I would like to be more feminine!”, “What will I look like with this pretty corset?”. Your Burlesque teacher will take care of finding your inner femme fatale! This course will allow you to let go, with a dash of madness, to sharpen your art of seduction without fear of the judgment of others. Rediscover your body and your ability to be sensual!
If you are there for a Bachelorette Party, this is the ideal activity to liven up your stay!


Burlesque Workshop

Grace Hall, internationally renowned artist and pioneer of the Italian burlesque scene, will guide you through this sensual workshop. You will start with a targeted warm-up with theatrical improvisation games.
The workshop focuses on listening to the body, eye contact, breathing and the ability to express yourself with your body.
You will learn to magnetically capture the attention of your audience, with movements, looks and … with your voice. Unleash yourself!


Bachelorette party special

This Burlesque and Seduction lesson is certainly one of the most fun activities for a friend’s evening!
During this 2 hour lesson, you will start with a brief introduction to burlesque with a warm-up, before embarking on a real practical lesson: basic movements, work on the gesture, walking, the basics of striptease, and finally, the preparation of a choreography!
At the end of the lesson, you will perform your choreography in front of your teacher of the day who will immortalize this moment with photos and a video (on your phones).
Duration: 2 hours
 Meeting place : In the Cabaret available on the date requested (San Giovanni or San lorenzo districts o near the Vatican)
Prices :

– From 1 to 5 participants : € 300,00 (Total price)
– From 6 to 10 participants : € 400,00 (Total price)
– From 11 to 15 participants: € 500,00 (Total price)


Outside Rome:
– Maximum 5 participants: € 350,00 (Total price)
– From 6 to 10 participants: € 440,00 (Total price)
– From 11 to 15 participants: € 490,00 (Total price)


Private Lesson

Book your private Burlesque class with Grace Hall. An intimate course to discover your femininity.

Duration: 2 hours

Price: € 300,00 per person




– Eventual travel and accommodation costs if the teacher cannot make the trip during the day.
– Professional photographic service for the duration of your activity: from € 300.00 (Total price)


Important information:

– No age limit is required
– No experience required
– Course adapted for pregnant women


It is also possible to organize a tailor-made burlesque show for your events, write to us to find out more: info@beyondroma.com

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