Escape Game Outdoor

Disponibilité : Tous les jours

Sur demande

2 heures environ

Min : 4 - Max : 30

Piazza del Popolo

Français - Italien - Autres langues sur demande

A partir de 35,00 €

Outdoor Escape Game Borgia VS Medici in Rome 

Get ready for a ruthless game, and immerse yourself in the heart of Renaissance intrigues… In 1530, a magnificent ancient sculpture was discovered. The Borgias and the Medici both want it…

The riddles will take you to 10 important places in the history of Rome. Through anecdotes and challenges to overcome, you will discover the stories of alliance, betrayal, love, art and money that surrounded the Borgia and Medici families.

The first team to solve all the puzzles and riddles gets the treasure. The teams meet at the end of the game to share their experience.

  •  A group challenge
    At the start of the game, you will be divided into teams. Whether you are in the Borgia team or the Medici team, you will have to solve the puzzles left by historical figures and find the treasure.


  • Riddles and clues
    Indexes in QR code, in envelopes, or communicated electronically, are scattered along the way. Participants receive the first clue with the explanation of the game made by the game host (present during the whole experience), which will lead them to a series of clues, challenges and riddles, distributed in a radius of 1.5 km around the starting point. Each clue leads to the next one, until the final treasure.


  • Simple rules
    At the beginning of the experience, all participants meet and the “Game Master” explains the rules of the game. The rules are therefore clearly defined at the beginning of the game to ensure that everything goes without a hitch.


  • Ongoing support
    Contact with the treasure hunt organizer is maintained by creating Whatsapp groups that allow participants to chat and ask for help if needed.


Duration: 2 hours approx

Availability: Everyday (time on request)

Meeting Point: Piazza del Popolo

Price: € 35,00 per person

The price includes:

– Exclusive organization of the treasure hunt for your family

– A game master to monitor and track the event for the duration of the game

– Game/hints in French, English or Italian


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