Escape Room

Disponibilité : Every day

9.30 a.m. - 11.30 p.m.

1 hour

Min : 2 - Max : 16

Historic Center - Tiburtina

Italian - English - Spanish

A partir de 15,00 €

Escape Room in Rome

Come and test the life-size escape game in Rome in teams of 2 to 16 people. Let yourself be taken in by the game of Escape Game in the “Escape Rooms” with striking decorations.
You will have one hour to solve puzzles, discover secret passages and complete your mission.
! Be the adventure’s own protagonist and escape from a closed room by overcoming the trials reserved for you.
So come and have fun with this concept that combines reflection, cooperation, and a good dose of adrenaline!
Accessible to all, come take up the challenge with friends, family or colleagues …
Our best seller: The rooms of the real escape game in the historic center!

Escape Game – The Secret of the Urn

London, 19th century.
Tim, the eldest of 9 siblings is imprisoned in Marshalsea prison.
In a Whitechapel slum, her mother and brothers are dying. Tim fed them, Tim protected them. You will embody his only hope, revealing the terrible secret Sir Thomas H. hides in the urn of his home.
60 short minutes … that’s the time you have to save Tim and his family!
– Maximum 6 people
– Difficulty 5/5

Escape Game – The Pharaoh’s Challenge

In order to root his power, Hor, the pharaoh descended from the god Horus, challenged any man who dreamed of glory and power. Whoever manages to escape alive from the pyramid imagined by the Pharaoh himself, will become the sole ruler of Egypt.
It was without counting on his intelligence, his jokes and his mischievous and inventive spirit. In fact, in the near darkness, you will have to find the exit thanks to your intuition, to the puzzles along the route but also thanks to the clues left by the previous protagonists who obviously failed.
Take it as a warning, you will only have 60 minutes …
– Maximum 5 people
– Difficulty ⅘

Escape Game – The end of the world

It looks like a Hollywood scenario and yet … Our Earth is under threat from an asteroid. A scientific study predicts the collision in a few days.
The plan is simple: Reach the asteroid with a rocket that will deflect it from the path of the Earth.
Simple did I say? Unfortunately, most of the launch site was destroyed by a meteor shower from the asteroid in question and it seems to be intensifying and spreading over a larger area …
Your mission will be to discover the underground bunker which allows access to the controls of the rocket, this being the last hope to save humanity.

– Maximum 6 people
– Difficulty 5/5
Unique prices for all rooms in this life-size play area:
€ 20.00 per person from 4 to 6 players
€ 30.00 per person from 2 to 3 players
– Most ? : One beer per person is included at the end of each game.

Useful information :
– This “Escape Game” is open every day except Tuesday from 4.30 pm to 1 am and Saturday from 3 pm to 3 am.
– Located towards Campo de Fiori, we advise you to get there on foot or by public transport (no parking available)
– A Beer Shop is available to customers
– “Rooms” available in Italian, Spanish every day but also in English every day except Wednesday and Thursday.
Two other “Escape Rooms” located near Tiburtina station are available, with two stories and two different challenges:

The Mad Scientist

Prisoners of the Mad Scientist’s room, you will have to solve puzzles, find clues and make good use of strange objects to escape the room in less than 60 minutes.
(With puzzles in Italian or English)

Escape from the asylum

Captured by a wandering young woman, secretly taking refuge in an old abandoned psychiatric hospital, you will have to take up the disturbing but captivating challenge, imagined by the diabolical spirit of this jailer, in order to see the light of day again.
(For all languages)
Prices :
– 2 people: € 25.00 per person
– 3 people: € 23.00 per person
– 4 people: € 21.00 per person
– 5 people: € 19.00 per person
– 6 people: € 17.00 per person
– 6 to 9 people: € 16.00 per person
– 10 people and more: € 15.00 per person
Useful information :
– Sessions every 1h30 from 9:45 to 23:15
– This activity is accessible to everyone, children and adults. Group members help each other for 1 hour to solve the steps and then get to the exit.
– From 8 people and more, the game is organized in Duel mode (composition of two teams).
– The activity site is located on the outskirts of Rome, easily accessible by train, metro and also by car. It has parking reserved for customers at € 1.50 for 2 hours of parking.
It is also possible to organize a tournament in several rooms for business groups, more information by writing to

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