Family treasure hunt

Disponibilité : Every day

On demand

around 3h

Min : 3 - Max : 10

City center

English - French - Italian - Other languages in demands

A partir de 20,00 €

With your children, find the animals and treasures hidden in the streets of central Rome!

With this fun visit, go in search of treasures and mysterious animals hidden in monuments, squares and fountains, a real sculptureD zoo in the heart of Rome!
The walk starts in Piazza del Popolo and ends near the Pantheon, and allows you to discover some of the main artistic treasures of the historic center with your family.
A treasure hunt that will occupy you an entire afternoon and which is suitable for adults and children alike (from 5 to 18 years old):
– The older ones discover the most famous places but also the secret and surprising places of the Eternal City while guiding the little ones.
– Children are not relegated to the sidelines but instead must solve puzzles, answer observation questions and look for details at each step. Indeed, it will arouse their curiosity and make them explore Rome in a didactic and fun way.
This course is suitable for teenagers, children from 8 to 12 years old or the little ones (we tailor our kits according to the age of the participants).

A turnkey treasure hunt

1. We personalize your order according to the age of the participants
2. We define with you the meeting point for the delivery:
– At the start of the route in Piazza del Popolo on the chosen day of the experience
– At your accommodation so that you can start your tour on the day and time of your choice
3. You will receive your kit containing puzzle cards, numbered in a precise order, with on the back of them the solutions of the places to be found in the form of short stories, as well as a map of the city center, gadgets-souvenirs for the little ones and tasting vouchers (depending on the offer chosen)
4. Enjoy the experience on your own (always with our online support) and have fun discovering the Eternal City!

Our delivery offers included:

– Kit with 1 sweet tasting:

  • Family of 2 or 3 people: € 65.00 (Total price)
  • Family of 4: € 75.00 (Total price)
  • Family of 5: € 90.00 (Total price)
  • Family of 6: € 105.00 (Total price)
  • For larger families: quote on request

A tasting includes the choice between a tiramisù and an artisanal ice cream (selected by our team among the best in Rome).

– Kit with 1 sweet tasting and 1 salty tasting:

  • Family of 2 or 3 people: € 100.00 (Total price)
  • Family of 4: € 120.00 (Total price)
  • Family of 5: € 140.00 (Total price)
  • Family of 6: € 160.00 (Total price)
  • For larger families: quote on request.

A tasting of your choice between a tiramisù and an artisanal ice cream as well as a copious plate of Italian specialties accompanied by a drink of your choice (cheese, cold meats, slice of pizza, supplì… Cocktail, wine or beer for adults and non-alcoholic cocktails , fruit juice or soda for children).
You are a school group or want to organize a special event such as a birthday, here is our customizable offer:

Team treasure hunt:

Meet at the starting point of our treasure hunt (Piazza del Popolo) for the delivery of the kits and the briefing organized by the BeyondRoma guide who will be present throughout the game until the awards ceremony. Children will leave in several teams depending on the number of participants (each team accompanied by an adult).
Solve the puzzles, answer the questions and photograph the places to discover in order to total as many points as possible and earn the title of best treasure hunter.

  • Indicative price based on 8-10 participants: € 35,00 per person

The price includes:
– Tailor-made treasure hunt in Rome
– Staff BeyondRoma (1 person)
– Kits
– Reward for the first team
– Logistics organization
– Gastronomic stop (ice cream)
– Adult guides do not pay!
The arrival of the hunt will be in a cozy place with the possibility of organizing a snack or a meal according to your needs and budget.

For special requests (large families, parties, schools, school trips, etc.) contact us by email at for a personalized offer and quote based on your preferences and your budget.

Additional Information :

– The treasure hunt box will be delivered to your accommodation in Rome (supplement of € 10.00 for deliveries outside the covered area) or directly at the start of the route in piazza del Popolo so that you can take this walk in total autonomy and without constraints.
– The age of the participants, the place of delivery and the choice of tasting must be defined at least 72 hours before the start of the game so that we can personalize the offer. Between 72 hours and 24 hours our standard kits are nevertheless available.
– Activity available every day with a departure recommended between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.
– Duration: about 3 hours (No time limit)
– Languages ​​available: French, Italian, English but also other languages ​​on request
– The course is done totally on foot and outdoors!

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