Gladiators and legionaries

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Min : 2 - Max : 200

Rome Sud

Italien - Français - Anglais - Autres langues sur demande

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Gladiators and legionaries training in Rome

Within a magnificent nature reserve discover the fighting techniques that legionaries and gladiators learnt during the Empire. After a short historical introduction, you will be able to carry out various activities accompanied by qualified and enthusiastic instructors :

    • Learning the techniques of swordplay, the gladiator’s sword and the shield
    • Javelin throw
    • Ancient archery
    • Outdoor fighting techniques
    • Roman Legionary’s certificate awarded to the participants

You will wear Roman tunics for each activity that will be carried out as a group challenge. At the end of the activity you will find fruits, snacks and water.

Duration : 2.30 hours (snacks included). If you wish lunch or dinner to be added you must consider 1/1.30 hours extra.


Prices :

– € 250,00 fixed price for a group of 1 to 5 people

– € 45,00 per person for a group of 5 to 8 people

– € 40,00 per person for a group of 9 to 11 people

– € 35,00 per person for a group of 12 to 20 people

For groups with more than 20 people, estimation on demand.

It is also possible to organize Team Building activities for company groups. (Prices on demand)


Example of gladiator trials for Team Building activities :


      • Ancient archery
      • Fire making competition using flints, fabric or dried mushrooms.
      • Throwing of gladiator nets and trident against fixed targets
      • Trying out ancient dancing with dancers and musicians
      • Experimenting ancient conjuring tricks with an illusionist
      • Trying on the Roman military uniform
      • Gathering floating fruit using only your teeth with your hands tied
      • Archaeological drawings with an archaeologist
      • Athletic competition (ancient games): sack race, throwing balls and wooden hoops into a basket blindfolded, racing with glasses of water, balancing games on wooden pedal boards.
      • Final treasure hunt in which the participants receive some clues with Latin symbols in the caesarean code, this means the letters are shifted 3 forward: the letter A will become the letter C and so on…
      • Once the message has been decrypted, the participants will have to find the treasure target and bring it back.


Additional Services:

– Lunch : € 25,00 per person

Outdoor lunch with barbecue grills and typical Italian products from nearby farms. The menu includes appetizers, mixed grills with a side dish, fruit, biscuits, coffee, water and a glass of wine. It is also possible to customize the menu.

– Return price transfer : between € 15,00 and € 35,00 per person according to the number of people. 

Car or minivan transfer for small groups and minibus and tour bus for larger groups.


Important information :
    • Activity in italian or english. Other languages extra fee (guide/interpreter)
    • the site is not accessible by public transport but it can be reached by car, taxi or private transfer (price on demand).
    • Sports clothes and walking shoes are mandatory
    • This activity requires good physical shape as well as a keen spirit!
    • Concerning the use of weapons, it is important to follow and respect the regulations given by the site’s managers.
    • This activity of archeological sports reconstruction is regulated by Italian and International laws in the realm of amateur sport and historical reconstruction.


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