Fish Spa

Disponibilité : Monday to Saturday

From 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Depending on the option chosen

Min : 1 - Max : 8

Historical Center


A partir de 25,00 €

Fish Spa in Rome

Discover the benefits of Fish Spa, a real therapy to free yourself from stress. You can choose the formula you prefer between pedicure and manicure or combine them together.


Fish pedicure

Sit comfortably, relax and dip your feet in the tanks: let the small Garra rufa fishes take care of your feet. All dead cells will be removed naturally, gently and without any effort, making the roughest and most fatigued areas smooth.


– 15 min : € 15,00 per person

– 20 min : € 20,00 per person

– 30 min + welcome drink : € 30,00 per person

Fish manucure

Vos mains sont soumisesYour hands are subject to many factors: housework, the type of work we do, but also weather conditions that can cause damage to our skin and ruin it. Hands abîmées, damaged hands, full of cuticles and rough to the touch. With a Fish Spa manicure session your skin will be soft, radiant but also visibly healthier.

Prices :

– 15 min : € 10,00 per person

– 20 min : € 15,00 per person

Kids special offer

Hand and foot treatment for children (up to 8 years) – A wellness treatment specially designed for children who, as we know, are often attracted to aquatic games and fishes. It is therefore easy for them to get close with our little friends and be pampered.
It is essential to teach them, from an early age, to take care of their skin to more effectively treat cellular aging.

Price :

– 30min : € 20,00 per person

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