Adventure Park Team Building

Disponibilité : Depending on the season

From 10 a.m. to sunset

From 1h30

Min : 6 - Max : 300

Fregene or Ostia

English - Italian - Other languages on request

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Adventure Park Team Building in Rome

If you want to organize a sporty and dynamic team building in Rome for small and large groups, this activity is what you are looking for! Come and discover the Park Race adventure: the perfect competition for your employees to work as a team. This fun and sporty activity takes place in an adventure park (the largest in central Italy) with a skill path hanging on trees in a nature reserve on the Roman coast. The park also has a zip line over 110 meters long!
Adapted to amateur athletes, it is often chosen for a Team Building activity in order to create cohesion within the group during a day of entertainment and fulfillment in the nature.
How does it work?
The competition is divided into several rounds which will be supervised by qualified staff. Each round will involve the whole group to participate, who will have to follow the rules, with bonuses and penalties.


Discover the details:

1st round
Objective: complete the Adult 1 path as quickly as possible by carrying a bag over your shoulders.
Rules: Participants must climb the path one at a time, a few meters apart from each other, using only a carabiner. The bag should never be removed, if removed there will be a penalty.
Participants: 5 or more per team.

2nd round
Objective: complete the Adult 2 path as quickly as possible by carrying a long object throughout the path without dropping it.
The object must never fall and must be brought intact at the end of the path.
Participants: 5 or more per team

UpToTree round
Objective: complete the “climbing on the tree” path as quickly as possible and touch the bell at the top.
Participants: 2 per team
Rules: the participants will climb the trees one after the other. The sum of the results of each participant in the team will be considered. The team with the fastest total time will win the round.
Penalty: each error will result in an additional 5-seconds penalty over the total time.

Price on request based on number of participants.


It’s possible to add extras on request:

Human table football

A life-size table football game for a colourful match. You will take the place of the football figurines to try to score the most goals against the opposing team. Fun and teamwork guaranteed!


Do not miss this Robin Hood competition. With a minimum of 6 participants, the player or the team who scores the most points wins!
The Park provides bows, arrows and protections for everyone, you will also be followed by certified instructors.

Laser Tag

The perfect mix between sport and outdoor fun. The Laser Tag or Laser Game is a team game based on war simulation, using special equipment. The game is harmless and non-violent.
Each player is equipped with an infrared weapon, connected to sensors located on the helmet and on the vest.
With this equipment, you will have to compete between teams, hide to avoid the blows, run among the magnificent eucalyptus trees in the park to lead the attack.


Get into this wooded area, composed of palisades and natural obstacles that create a real labyrinth. You can challenge your colleagues with paint! Put on your combat gear and may the best one win!
The Park provides state-of-the-art equipment, qualified personnel on and off the field.


– Prizes for the extra winning team(s) (price on request depending on budget).

– Buffet lunch at the park:

Example menu: Mixed platter of cold meats and cheeses, lasagna, mixed grills, side dishes, water and coffee.

– Round trip transfer (approximately 45 minutes transfer from Rome)


Important information:

Minimum size required: 140 cm

Maximum weight: 120 kg

Strictly observe safety standards and personnel indications

Not recommended for anyone suffering from dizziness
Days and times available according to the seasons:
– January: every weekend from 10 a.m. to sunset
– February and March: every weekend from 10 a.m. to sunset – Monday to Friday by reservation
– April and May: Tuesday to Sunday and public holidays, from 10 a.m. to sunset
– From June to September: every day, from 10 a.m. to sunset
October and November: every weekend from 10 a.m. to sunset – Monday to Friday by reservation
– December: every weekend from 10 a.m. to sunset, closed from 23 to 31 December


For a tailor-made event, contact us:

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