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Gastronomic activities Online

During this period, face-to-face activities and team-building had to be put on standby. Yet creating cohesion between your colleagues remains essential to bring together and unite geographically distant teams. We therefore offer you various online events on the theme of gastronomy, to make it possible, more than ever, to strengthen your team’s cohesion and share friendly experiences with colleagues or friends, with a simple click!

 Cooking class online

The current period gives us more time to cook, so challenge yourself with our very user-friendly culinary challenge and indulge in our online cooking classes. From your own kitchen, make one or more gourmet recipes in a friendly atmosphere!
We can organize it easily for groups of privates or companies; you will simply need to connect on your computer or smartphone with your team and live the experience with a professional chef. Enjoy this trip to the land of flavors from your kitchen!
Make a delicious recipe defined beforehand. Our chefs can adapt to your tastes and desires and offer you different themes:
– The famous Italian Pizza or Pasta
– Desserts
– Mexican tacos
– Sushi
– Vegetarian or Vegan menu
– And other endless possibilities …
You will be able to ask questions and interact directly with the Chef, in a moment of good humor and conviviality!
Go directly to your kitchen to follow your interactive cooking class. Amateurs or gourmets, you will find the formula that best suits your taste buds!
2 formulas according to your desires and your budget:
– You will receive the list of ingredients and the necessary equipment in advance so that you can follow the Chef’s recipes step by step from your kitchen.
– You will receive your culinary box containing all the necessary ingredients directly at home and will be able to cook with the Chef in video-conference!

Price : from € 20.00 per person
The price varies according to the number of participants, the formula and the chosen recipe
Duration : approximately 1h30 / 2h

Maximum number of participants per session : 15 people


Online Wine tasting

Whether you are an expert or a novice, discover wine with your friends or your team thanks to our online tastings! Let yourself be guided by a professional sommelier to discover or rediscover the pleasures of tasting or to smooth your knowledge of wine without leaving your home.
The tasting is suitable for beginners as well as for connoisseurs and will make you discover the wine at 360 degrees: its history, how to taste it or even the best food and wine pairings.
Our sommeliers will explain the essential concepts of the sensory analysis of wine to you: learning to assess and describe the appearance, smell and taste. 
You can also opt for a more fun and interactive formula with our team challenges: a fun way to discover the world of wine and an effective way to create links even from a distance. 
What will you need?
– one or more bottles of wine
– a corkscrew
– one or more tasting glasses
2 formulas:
– Everybody gets the same bottle or bottles of wine recommended by our sommelier.
– You will receive a tasting kit containing the bottle (s) of wine as well as any accessories or culinary accompaniments as well as a souvenir tasting manual in the form of an ebook 
How does the tasting take place?
– Connection of participants to the link sent by us
– Theoretical introduction of about 20 minutes (without glass in hand) to make the lesson more dynamic and complete
– Opening of the bottles and visual, olfactory and taste guided tasting
– Half-hour debate to share participants’ impressions

Price : from € 20.00 per person
The price varies according to the number of participants, the chosen formula
Duration : about 1h / 1h30

Maximum number of participants per session : 20 people


Online Aperitif

It is no longer possible to enjoy an afterwork in the bar downstairs of your offices since you have been smart-working? Do you miss these moments of sharing with your colleagues? We offer you an equally friendly alternative: an online aperitif!
The concept is very simple: one or more drinks will be delivered to the home of each participant; a single cocktail, half a bottle of Prosecco or wine or even a craft beer, all accompanied by an aperitif food mix. A meeting will then be given on a platform with a main room to welcome everyone and separate rooms to be in smaller groups.
You also have the option of having a moderator who will move participants from one room to another in a “speed meeting” style or who will offer mini-games or animations to boost the online meeting.
How does it work?
After receiving the invitation by email, participants just have to follow the link and join their colleagues, it’s easy! You just have to enjoy your aperitif with your colleagues without leaving your sofa.

Price : from € 35.00 per person
The price varies depending on the number of participants and the chosen formula 
Duration : about 1h / 1h30

Maximum number of participants per session : 60 people


Moka Workshop online

The moka coffee maker, also called Italian coffee maker or macchinetta (literally “small machine”),
The coffee break is the central element of sociability in the office. To rediscover this moment despite the distance and teleworking, we offer you a Workshop around the Italian coffee maker: the Moka! Simple to use, the Italian Coffee maker Moka produces a full-bodied coffee, rich in aromas and with a smooth taste, something to feel at the counter of a real Italian coffee bar tasting an espresso.
The idea is simple: your team meets on our online platform with a coffee professional who will share with them his secrets for real Italian coffee by learning all the tips for preparing it from home!
A complete program around different points:
– What is coffee? Brief introduction
– Moka coffee maker: history, identity and characteristics
– Practical part: how to make the best coffee with a Mocha? the 5 fundamental steps which will surely contradict your myths and your beliefs!
– A moment of discussion open to questions and curiosities from participants.

As soon as the famous gurgling characteristic of the macchinetta is felt, the team can pour themselves a cup and savor the result of this workshop, while exchanging their impressions.
2 formulas:
– Participants join the Workshop with their own Moka (a brand of coffee will be recommended in order to obtain the same result)
– Each participant receives a kit containing an Italian Bialetti Moka* and a pack of quality Arabica coffee.
You can choose the size, color and type of Moka: coffee makers from 1 to 18 cups of 50 ml and with different characteristics: Induction, limited design edition, in steel …
* We choose Bialetti coffee makers because they are the first Italian coffee makers to be created and patented in Italy in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti, and still remain the symbol of Italian coffee at home.

Price : from € 15.00 per person
The price varies according to the number of participants, the chosen formula
Duration : about 1h / 1h30

Maximum number of participants per session : 30 people

You can also choose to offer your experiences or simply the Kits offered remotely as an end-of-year gift, find all our proposals for boxes.

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