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Coaching and Online Training

Companies ask their employees to develop interpersonal and behavioral skills with the aim of improving their relationships and working conditions.

To help you support your employees in their personal and professional development, discover our many coaching, advice and distance professional training sessions to better understand the mechanisms of thought.

Why is individual or team coaching essential?

Our specialists, real coaches, will help you determine internal issues, be they relational, organizational and motivational.

They will then set goals to solve existing problems, develop skills, and help to better understand the cognitive and emotional functioning of the individual employee, manager or leader. Our Coaches will also help each employee to realize the untapped potential they have through self-regulation and self-determination in strategic development, resolution of dysfunctions and cohesion within the company.

An active, motivating pedagogy which allows action towards efficient individual and team functioning.

The benefits of coaching and training:

– Better Quality of Life at work

– Development of New Skills

– More Performance

– Better control your Emotional Intelligence

– Knowing how to reconcile professional life – personal life (parenthood and career) in times of health crisis

– Motivation through Management and Communication

– Adapt to Changes and Telework well

– Boost your Confidence

– Manage and prevent Conflicts, Stress and Psychosocial Risks

How does the session(s) take place?

– The objectives and the content are defined upstream of the session (s)

– Connection of participants on a platform (Our platforms or an internal platform of your choice) for a brief all together

– Work in sub-groups to experience in a concrete way what the coach offers

– Individual self-analysis to better understand personal resistance and difficulties

– Identify and plan times and methods to implement what has been learned


The formats are customizable:

– One or more team sessions

– Individual and thematic coaching

– Complete and continuous training to achieve goals


Price: from € 25.00 per person

Duration: depending on the chosen formula

Maximum number of people per session: 20 peoples

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