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Rome North

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Paintball in Rome

Discover paintball in Rome! At your disposal different spaces and professional coaching with real know-how to create private events and unforgettable companies playing in complete safety.

Several options are available:



Come experience the richest paintball adrenaline formula! Speed ​​will be your major asset!

Teams compete as equals, protected from their inflatable bunkers, positioned opposite each other and in equal numbers. The goal: eliminate the opposing team as quickly as possible!



The game takes place in a western setting where saloons and haystacks alternate with castles and medieval remains.

Come test your tactical sense, test your clever eye, reflexes, and speed, measuring yourself against your opponents as part of various game options.



Come conquer the enemy territory in a frantic race, avoiding obstacles, finding the caches while dodging the famous little colored balls! In a secluded space, a maquis full of traps, natural and artificial obstacles, you will fulfill your mission of warriors and become the own directors of the adventure!


Prices :

– Easy: € 19,00 per person

Included: 140 paintballs – unlimited time / Equipment kit / Protection kit / Referees and Qualified Staff / Lighting / Changing rooms with showers


– Medium: € 27,00 per person

Included: 500 paintballs – unlimited time / Equipment kit / Protection kit / Referees and qualified staff / Lighting / Changing rooms with showers


Additional services:

Space reserved for the organization of parties or events (large umbrella, tables, benches and fridge available).

Without BBQ: € 35,00 total price

With BBQ equipment: € 50,00 total price

Catering service: from € 8,00 per person (minimum 10 people)


Equipment provided:

Mask / Shield / Vest / Gloves




Useful information:

The paintball requires:
– Good physical shape
– Appropriate clothing: a sweatshirt and jeans preferably made of strong enough fabric for the impacts of paintballs (The paint used is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and does not stain)
– Being a minimum of 8 years old and for minors a written authorization of attorney from parents or a legal tutor

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