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Online entertainment and games

Get together as a team and challenge yourself online with these games, ideal for an evening with friends or a Team-Building with colleagues. Uncover your knowledge of general culture, music, and why not even your investigative skills … while staying in your living room or at your workstation!

These activities allow participants to get together in teams without leaving their homes and to recreate links in this period when teleworking is often set up by companies.

Discover our online activities to entertain you. As a solo player or as a team, your goal is simple: accumulate as many points as possible and win the game!


Test your knowledge with this online game and amaze your colleagues or friends with your general knowledge.
The principle is simple: we will send you the link to the platform where all the participants will join the facilitator who will welcome them and brief them on the rules of the game.
Divided into teams, you must answer the questions within a given time using your virtual buzzer … General culture, sport, cinema, gastronomy: several themes, adaptable according to your desires and the desired difficulty, will make you compete with other players with the objective of gaining as many points as possible for the general classification revealed by the host at the end of the game.

Challenges can be added to boost the animation even more: objects to bring back in record time, words to be guessed by miming them … It is also possible to include questions or a personalized animation according to your company or of your customers.
Ready? Let’s go!

Price: from € 20.00 per person
Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of participants per session: 100 people

Blind Test

Do you like competition and have a taste for a challenge? The goal is simple: divided into teams, you will have to recognize as many songs as possible and thus score as many points as possible within a given time!
After you have all logged into a virtual platform, you will be greeted by our facilitator who will guide you through the game and introduce you to the different rounds, with different styles and levels. From the Rolling Stones to Beyoncé, including the Original Soundtracks of great films or series, everyone will be delighted! This remote entertainment is ideal for spending an original and friendly evening with friends or colleagues.

So are you so knowledgeable about music as you claim to be? Is your best friend the rock expert he claims to be? Does the Sales team have a musical ear? Is your manager actually a huge Disneys fan? This online and remote blind test will put everyone to the test!

Price: from € 15.00 per person
Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of people per session: 60 people

Murder Party

Are you a fan of Cluedo? With this online game, you can rediscover the thrills of an investigation, while sharing a fun moment with your friends or collaborators.
As a team and remotely, thanks to an information-sharing platform, participants will have to solve an investigation and find the culprit of the crime.

A scenario will be presented by our host, the players will then be able to question the various suspects, whose interrogation reports will be available. Together, they will analyze the elements collected to elucidate the mystery.

It will take consistency, cohesion but above all communication and listening to find the culprit.

Price: from € 25.00 per person
Duration: 1h30
Maximum number of people per session: 40 people

Escape Game

Choose friends or colleagues to make up your team and get started in this game against the clock. Whether during lunch break or after a day of work or smart-working, this video escape game is suitable for everyone!

Your mission, if you accept it, is to solve the various puzzles that will allow you to free yourself from the situation you are stuck in.
You will have to show logic and communication to be able to come to the end of this Escape Game online.
Different scenarios are available according to your wishes.

You will access an online platform and will have to be guided by the clues that will be given to you as you go through the virtual adventure. Within each team, members will be able to communicate with each other to share as much information as possible and achieve victory… in less than 60 minutes!

Price: from € 20.00 per person
Duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of people per session: 40 people


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