Treasure Hunt

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Around 4h

Min : 2 - Max : 20

City centre

English - French - Italian

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Treasure hunt for couples and groups of friends

Go on an adventure through some of the Eternal City’s most magical places, attached to its monuments, artistic heritage and legends. This atypical game will take you in search of the treasures that the city of Rome has to offer!
Thanks to the puzzles, you will discover Rome in a fun and original way! Indeed, the routes include well-known places but also more hidden places, sometimes even little known to the Romans. All the monuments, sculptures, details, places… will be told to you through atypical stories, legends and secrets.
Get off the tourist trail and have fun losing yourself in the “lives” and “vicoli” of Rome!


Kit “Treasure hunt for couples” 

Romantic treasure hunt with 1 tasting (homemade ice cream or tiramisu) and delivery included.

  • Price: € 65,00 total price


“Family treasure hunt” kit

All information on the dedicated page

Kit “Treasure hunt for small group” 

Private treasure hunt with route on choice, 1 tasting (homemade ice cream or tiramisu) and delivery included.

Rate for groups of friends, hen or stag party:

  • 3 participants: € 40,00 per person
  • 4 participants: € 37,50 per person
  • 5 participants: € 35,00 per person
  • 6 participants: € 30,00 per person
  • 7 participants: € 27,50 per person
  • 8 participants: € 25,00 per person
  • From 9 participants up to 15 participants: € 25,00 per person
  • + 15 people: Check out our treasure hunts for groups or request a quote at


Special groups stag / bachelorette parties

For bachelorette parties or bachelor parties some challenges and a final surprise are also included… And it is free of charge to the future spouse!


Customizations and extras:

The excursion is done independently but it is possible to be accompanied during the game by: 

– A local guide: Supplement of € 60,00 for 3 hours

– An official guide of the city of Rome: Supplement of € 150,00 for 3 hours

– Additional tastings (Ice cream or coffee): Supplement of € 3,00 per person/tasting

– A final aperitif with a drink of your choice from a selection of cocktails, beers, wines or soft drinks accompanied by an abundant aperitif: Supplement of € 12,00 per person

–  Lunch with Pizza by the slice consisting of 2 nice slices of pizza to be chosen among many different kinds, a suppli (fried oval rice ball garnished with mozzarella, a Roman specialty) and a small bottle of water per person: Supplement of € 9,00 per person


Our different excursions:
1 – Secrets and legends of the historical center

The most request; setting out on the search for the key locations of the historical center but also for the most secret and legendary places…

2 – Rome Cinema

The discovery of Rome through the sets of the films that were made in the Eternal City.

3 – Alternative Rome 

An itinerary away from the historical centre and from the most famous places: an off the beaten track modern and contemporary Rome!

It is also possible to create tailor-made routes for small and large groups:

4- Culture and entertainment Made to measure

It is possible to create a customized excursion according to the number of participants, one’s interests and budget.

5 – Gastronomy and culture Made to measure

A gastronomic and cultural excursion through Rome stopping off at the best Roman street food stalls: sliced pizza, suppli, ice cream, Tiramisù….

You can also go on a Food tour (gastronomic tour) with a local Roman 


Additional information :

– The treasure hunt kit will be delivered to your accommodation in Rome or directly at the beginning of the path in Piazza del Popolo, so you can go on this excursion independently.

– It contains a map of the city centre, some puzzles with questions and places to find, numbered in precise order. Set off on the search for different places and then find out if you’re at the right one! On the back of these you will find answers and explanations of the treasures discovered (artistic, architectural and historical…). 

– During the treasure hunt you will have one or more gastronomical surprises according to the option you have chosen. 

Important information :

– Booking of the kits at least 48 hours prior

– Delivery inclusive for hotels in the city center

– Additional cost for delivery in the outskirts

– Duration: about 3 or 4 hours (unlimited time)

– Available languages: French, Italian, English but also other languages on request

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