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Online Wellness and Well-being Activities

The well-being of each person is an essential element for professional success and personal development. A happy employee is more productive, more motivated and more engaged in the company.
Feeling good is more than ever necessary in the current situation: smart-working, stress and uncertainties, we have to face new problems.
Beyond Travels & Events offers you many activities related to online well-being to find serenity and efficiency.

Online yoga retreat and meditation

When working at home, it is not always easy to concentrate. To have a more focused mind and regain your energy, there’s nothing like a yoga or meditation session, which also allows you to bond with colleagues or friends during these online group sessions.

This activity is ideal for a healthy mind, a relaxed body and for feeling more productive. Yoga classes and meditation sessions have several benefits:
– Promote concentration and reduce mental stress
– Increase psycho-physical well-being and improve mood
– Knowing how to direct your attention and your mind
– Develop the feeling of belonging to a group and increase work efficiency to better work in a team

How is the session going?
After logging into our platform, participants will be greeted by one of our teachers for a yoga or meditation session, all that will be left is to relax and follow the lesson on your mat from your living room.
Our teachers will be able to adapt to each individual’s level and to the expectations defined together upstream:
– Hatha Yoga: the classic that allows you to leave your daily worries at the door and totally relax
– Bikram or Pilates: a tonic yoga to start the morning well
– Ashtanga Yoga: to eliminate fatigue and clear your head while loosening up
– Vinyasa Yoga: a series of choreographies and stable postures, a “dancing” yoga
– Yin or meditation: to relax after a long day of work

Price: from € 10.00 per person
The price varies according to the number of participants
Duration: about 1 hour

Maximum number of people per session: 50 people

Online Self-massage course with a coach

In order to create a pleasant work environment or simply to ease your tensions without leaving your home and in complete autonomy, discover our self-massage courses. These different types of online workshops will allow your teams to relax, release the pressure and recuperate before returning to their work and their daily rhythm.

Self-massage is a simple, practical and effective tool for discovering your inner well-being. It is a simple manual technique that is accessible to all, which allows us to manipulate our body as gently as possible, in complete autonomy and above all without contraindications. This helps to relieve pain due to bad posture, to give comfort after a stressful situation and to recover better during long working days.

The concept is simple: after connecting online, participants get together and meet a professional who will explain all his techniques and tips to them.
At the end of the session, an email summarizing all the techniques learned will be sent to the teams so that everyone can reproduce the self-massage at home, at any time.

Price: from € 20.00 per person
The price varies according to the number of participants
Duration: about 1 hour
Maximum number of people per session: 15 people

Online DIY workshops

The “Homemade” or Do It Yourself is ideal for developing your creativity by making an object that will be useful to you or that you can give for the holiday season. By creating an object with your own hands during its online workshops, you will be able to free your imagination while forging links with the other participants.

These creative remote animations allow you to have fun but also learn how to make something new on your own.

We offer you a wide range of possible realizations, you just have to make your choice!
– Natural cosmetics (soaps, shampoos, hair care, deodorants, bath balls)
– Natural household products (dishwashing liquid, washing powder)
– Hydro-alcoholic gel and mask
– Perfume workshop
– candles
– jewelry
– Sewing
– Drawing Workshop

2 formulas:
– The participants get all the necessary material themselves (a detailed list will be sent by email)
– We deliver a Kit containing all the material directly to the house of each participant

Price: from € 20.00 per person
Duration: depending on the formula defined
Maximum number of people per session: 15 people


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